watercolor 2

Camburi, Brazil- So about 29 years ago my brother was not a very happy camper. He was about to become a big brother, and worse yet, to a little girl. That little girl was me. Little did he know that I would have preferred an older sister.

So began our story. Lawrence and I fought like cats and dogs. Fighting as in he would pin me down to the floor or put me in head locks. Let’s just say that my brother had the upper hand advantage the majority of the time. Meanwhile, little did I know, but Lawrence was training and pushing me to be the best. Everything Lawrence did I wanted to do, and do it better. Perhaps you could say that I was that annoying little sister.

Over the years, our tumultuous relationship started to settle down. In fact, my big brother has become one of my biggest supporters. Supporters as in, “Kristen for sure quit your banking job and move to Costa Rica.” The whole point of this little story is that I can’t begin to thank Lawrence, for all of his good and bad qualities, for helping to influence the person that I am today. And I can’t begin to thank him for finally giving me the sister that I always wanted, Luciana.


Now enjoy the behind the scenes photos from yours truly…XOXO

watercolor 2


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watercolor 2