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Lifestyle Photography for Faherty Brand – I kinda like to tell stories. According to my friends, I have a very special way of telling them. If I were to read between the lines, perhaps they are saying that I shouldn’t quit my day job. Lucky you, I am going to let you be the judge…

On a dark and stormy night…OK, just kidding.

Sometimes this great, big world of ours can be rather small. Enter Kim. Last year I met Kim through our mutual friend, Christina, both who were vacationing here in Costa Rica. One night over some Hollywoods at a local restaurant Kim mentioned a familiar name, Faherty Brand. At this point last year, Faherty Brand had just recently launched, so when Kim said she that was friends with the Faherty brothers behind the brand, I started laughing. It just so happens that the Faherty’s mother is very good friends with my Aunt and she introduced me to the brand before their launch.

Fast forward a year and a half, Kim and I had some fun with my camera and some awesome Faherty Brand pieces during her visit to Costa Rica last week. Given that currently it is the tail end of rainy season, we were lucky to shoot at sunset sin thunderstorms. I also was stoked to try out Kim’s Dica pack water housing for water shots. I may have to be asking Santa for a new toy…

Check out our shenanigans below!

























watercolor 2