Back in March, I volunteered my friend and I to be models for a charity fashion show during Robert August’s annual fundraiser, Surf n Turf. Given that both of us had no modeling experience, besides strutting our stuff on the playing field (Ali was a competitive soccer player, myself a college “baller”), we thought we would give it a whirl. Even if we made a fool of ourselves, at least we were helping to raise money for kids here in Costa Rica! Better yet, we though it would be fun to walk down the runway together, given our 10″ height difference! Pato, the owner of boutique Azul Profundo that was organizing the show, was a good sport and let us do one pass on the runway together. After that, she put the kibosh on the awkward height difference, and matched us with appropriate catwalk partners.

Enter Hali. Almost Ali, but 10 inches taller and with an “H”. Hali and I got to chatting and soon found out that we share a passion for yoga. Fast forward to last weekend, Hali and I met at the beautiful boutique hotel Cala Luna for a yoga photo shoot. Hali played model and I happily hid behind my camera, clicking away. To keep it short and sweet, Hali was a stunner and a pleasure to shoot.




















Check out Hali via Multi Style Yoga Institute and @haliloveyoga on Instagram
Bikini by Mi Ola, blue dress by Tulum, white dress by Zara.
Special thanks to Cala Luna in Playa Langosta for the location.

Pura Vida,