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June 24, 2012- When my tall blonde partner in crime, Adrienne, asked me a couple of months ago to assist her shoot a wedding, I jumped at the opportunity. Adrienne is a very busy gal these days with a full-time job, planning her own wedding (which is in September woohoo!), and shooting weddings on weekends, so if a day spent shooting with my camera was not enough reason, seeing Adrienne for a whirlwind 24hr stint was icing on the cake (ok, pun intended). Check out her awesome work here.

So off I went early Saturday AM to Nashville, TN. Adrienne and I were able to check out Pancake Pantry in Nashville for an awesome brunch (Village Smithy Sante Fe Cornmeal Pancackes are AMAZING) before heading off to Lake Gallatin, where the wedding was being held. Neither Adrienne nor I knew nothing about what the location of the wedding looked like. However, we could not have been more pleasantly surprised.

Bess and Brandon, the bride and groom, were getting married at “Hidden Cove Camp”, a house on Lake Gallatin that Bess’s family has had in the family for many years. This is also the place where Brandon proposed to Bess. Hidden Cove Camp has a mystique to it, a place where your imagination runs wild. There is so much history to this place, with mementos on the walls, floors, ceilings, just everywhere.

This wedding was beautifully tailored to Bess and Brandon’s personalities. There was so much love and excitement surrounding this couple, and they certainly celebrated in style. Without a doubt, they had some help with an AMAZING band, Humming House. They guys certainly know how to play music and entertain. Check them out now before they are selling out huge venues!