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Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica – Hotel Capitan Suizo

Usually it is hard to look on the bright side of cancelled flight – except for in Courtney and Justin’s case. A cancelled flight due to a mechanical error led to these acquaintance coworkers sharing a cab. Courtney and Justin got to talking and laughing during their cab ride from the airport.

These acquaintances soon became a couple and last year Justin decided to propose to Courtney. ┬áHe had it all planned out – a surprise proposal during their trip to London and Ireland. Except a very wise Courtney figured it out before the trip and Justin ended up proposing to the love of his life on the spot at his Aunt’s house. Having already visited Costa Rica three times, the couple knew that this beautiful country was where they wanted to get married.

Courtney and Justin decided an early November wedding at Hotel Capital Suizo here in Playa Tamarindo would be just perfect. Yes, some of you may be questioning a beach wedding during a month that falls in rainy season on the Pacific side of Costa Rica, but the heavy rains have usually already fallen during September October. Except for this year.

Although the thundering heavens opened up and down poured upon us during Courtney and Justin’s wedding, the couple┬ásimply just laughed it off. After all, it still is rainy season here in Tamarindo. Justin, Courtney, and I dodged heavy raindrops during their post-wedding couples photo session on the beach to capture some priceless moments. When it came time for the first dance, the sky granted us a five minute window for Courtney and Justin to dance under the night sky lit by Edison lights. As soon as they left the open air dance floor, it started down pouring again!

There was so much love AND laughs surrounding this beautiful couple. Tracy, one of Courtney’s sisters, was honorary MC and she had me laughing the whole night.

Courtney and Justin, it was such a pleasure to capture your beautiful and tad rainy day. I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness!

Wedding by Pura Vida Weddings at Hotel Capitan Suizo, Playa Tamarindo in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Flowers by Colette’s. Photographed by yours truly, Samba to the Sea Photography.

watercolor 2

watercolor 2