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Aug 11, 2016 | Personal

FAMILY PORTRAITS IN COSTA RICA || Siblings playing on the beach in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Photographed by Kristen M. Brown, Samba to the Sea Photography.
Welcome to my new home!

Oh-my-word! On Tuesday I “soft launched” this brand spankin’ new website for Samba to the Sea Photography AND it has taken me two whole days to sit down and write this blog post. Yes, I was busy catching up on email and other work that I had put on the back burner for the past two weeks since diving head first into this website redesign and rebuild, but honestly I kept procrastinating writing the post. Even though the the site officially was live (y’all, let me tell you my heart almost jumped out of my chest as I hit the “delete all” button to say goodbye my old site), honestly I was so nervous to officially announce it. I kept making changes and tweaks, thinking and over-thinking even the smallest details. BUT, it is time. It is time to celebrate this labor of love because honestly, I will continue to make tweaks as I digest this new beauty of a website because that is just how I am – – growing and working on being a better human being each day.

Samba to the Sea Photography Website Redesign || New home page layout for Samba to the Sea Photography.
Samba to the Sea Photography Website Redesign || Old home page layout for Samba to the Sea Photography.
Samba to the Sea Photography Website Redesign || Old wedding page layout for Samba to the Sea Photography.
Samba to the Sea Photography Website Redesign || Old about page for Samba to the Sea Photography.

Two weeks ago I couldn’t have even imagined what my new site would look like. Heck, I was silly enough to think that my new site rebuild would take two, maybe three days to complete. All of the content was there on my old site – – all I needed to do was build a new layout. But as I started to build the layout, so began the deep dive into my brand and my photography. I wanted my website to be a living and breathing extension of me and my work – – about the Samba to the Sea Photography experience and my story. A website that is personal and a cultivation of a brand that I have been brainstorming and dreaming about since I stumbled across the phrase “samba with me to the sea” on a tea towel in the store Anthropologie over four years ago. (P.S. go check out my “About” page to find out what Samba to the Sea means to me – – if you are viewing the site via your computer, you will be rewarded with a pretty awesome video 😉 ) It had to be just right – – happy, cozy, authentic, and fun!

Samba to the Sea Photography Website Redesign || "Samba With Me To The Sea" tea towel from Anthropologie.

And so I undertook the task of customizing every nook and cranny of my website. Well, customizing to the extent of my limited website technology knowledge! Thanks to a lot of Google-ing, amazing tutorials, and some great support from the Divi theme community, I could not be prouder of this new home that I built with my ten fingers. So come on in – – grab a craft beer, cozy on up on your couch, and take a tour around the new home for Samba to the Sea Photography. I hope you love it is much as I do!

P.S. Something not working property on the site? Shoot me a message or leave a comment below.
P.P.S. Love my new home? Send me some virtual love by commenting below on what you like best on the new site!

Pura Vida,

P.P.P.S. A very special thanks to: Kaitlyn Shea for my beautiful portraits, Paul Yates at Yates Design for the oh-so-cool image hover tutorial, Design Space Co. for the Instagram Light Widget recommendation, Digital K Online for the awesome referral to Pinterest JQuery, and Color Hexa for building a great color encyclopedia to make sure the color palette didn’t clash (how embarrassing would that have been?!).

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I would love to hear what photographic ideas you have cooking, whether it be playing on the beach with your family, wandering the Spanish Moss squares in Savannah, hiking up to a beautiful waterfall, or capturing the intimate love at your wedding. I know there are countless other awesome photographers to choose from, so how about we grab a cup of delicious Costa Rican coffee and get to know each other? If the fit is right, I can’t wait to welcome you and your loved ones to the Samba to the Sea familia!

P.S. My clients love working with me as much as I love working with them; be sure to read their beautiful ‘love notes.’

~ Kristen

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