Newly engaged couple kissing after proposal at Rio Celeste Costa Rica

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Rio Celeste Costa Rica Proposal- Alyssa + Taylor –

Right before Alyssa and Taylor left for their vacation in Costa Rica, Taylor suggested they pack a nice outfit to take photos at one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Rio Celeste. In particular, Taylor mentioned that Alyssa’s orange dress would be just beautiful. Little did Alyssa know that Taylor had bigger plans than just asking a fellow tourist to snap a couple of photos on an iPhone in front of the waterfall at Rio Celeste. After the mile walk into Tenorio National Park to get to the waterfall, Taylor dropped to one knee in front of this magical waterfall and proposed. And talk about timing, just as I was mid way descending the stair case down to the waterfall, I heard a roar of celebration cheers as Alyssa said “yes”. I silently chuckled; What are the odds that a wedding photographer just so happened to be at the same location in the middle of the Costa Rican rainforest at the same time a proposal is happening, given that Taylor did not plan for a photographer to be there?   Proposal at Rio Celeste Costa Rica

As I reached the bottom of the staircase, I saw the happy couple smiling ear to ear, talking amongst themselves, and exchanging sweet kisses. For the first couple of minutes, I debated on whether or not to say anything about being a photographer to this radiating couple. Well, I couldn’t help myself; I resolved that there was a reason that I was in the same place as this proposal was happening and it only seemed right that I share my skill and passion for photography. Needless to say, the look on Alyssa and Taylor’s faces as I waked up to them, introduced myself, and offered to take a couple of nice photos of them was priceless. Alyssa immediately looked at Taylor and asked if he had planned this. No, just serendipitous!

Couple after Proposal at Rio Celeste Costa Rica

Congrats you two and the next time I for sure will let you know the next time I am visiting San Diego!

Pura Vida,

Woman taking photo of her engagement ring after her boyfriend proposed at Rio Celeste Costa Rica

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