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Sunset in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica –

Holy cow! Just like that, December flew by and tomorrow is 2016. What?!


December was quite the busy month for photos, with maternity photos for my yogi friend, an elopement in Tamarindo at Hacienda JJ, detail photos for Tamarindo home Casa del Pasillo family photos on Tamarindo Beach for my surf friend, couple photos at Pangas Beach Club, interior photos for Tamarindo condo Monte Perla 3, lifestyle photos for Tamarindo Boutique Buena Nena / Dolores, and of course chasing sunsets in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. On top of that…my hard drive cable decided to stop working, leaving me without my Mac for five days AND then the day after getting my computer back I caught a not-so-nice flu!! Thankfully it was not Dengue and a couple days later I was able to hop on a plane to spend Christmas in Savannah, Georgia with my family. So this month not only do you get some beautiful sunsets in Tamarindo Beach, Costa Rica, but also sunsets in Savannah, Georgia!!


Enjoy them and Happy New Year!



watercolor 2

watercolor 2