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Tamarindo, Costa Rica Elopement –

Madison had done quite a bit of research to make sure her elopement was something special, and decided that Hacienda JJ was just perfect – beautiful grounds and ample space for her 18 month old son, Dean, to run around. Interestingly enough, one of my surfer chica’s family owns Hacienda JJ and I immediately was stoked to have the opportunity to photograph this elopement at this very special place. Then I had to wait six months for this magical afternoon… .

Four years ago on New Year’s Eve, Madison met Diesel at the gym. The two hit if off and 18 month ago  brought into this world an adorable baby boy named Dean. Dean is nothing short of Mr. Personality – he loves the water and giving kisses to just his dad, Diesel. Dean even helped to walk his mom down the aisle at Hacienda JJ, but then decided he had other more important matters to attend to, like trying to jump into the pool.


Under a beautiful tree decorated with Bougainvillea flowers on a gorgeous afternoon, Madison and Diesel said their vows. Hacienda JJ’s parrot chimed in every once in a while with an “Hola”, and Diesel even quoted Madison’s favorite movies, Matilda and Santa Claus.  After their ceremony, we all headed to the beach in Tamarindo for golden hour sunset photos. Madison and Diesel were absolutely stunning, while Dean ran around attempting to run into the water and even made sand angels! The whole afternoon was just magical and I feel truly honored to witness such a beautiful union. Thank you Madison, Diesel, and Dean!


Pura Vida,


watercolor 2

watercolor 2