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Langosta Beach – Tamarindo, Costa Rica

You know your clients are going to be a pleasure to work with when you arrive at the location and the first thing they do is offer you a glass a wine. Enter Barbara and Tommy. From Houston, Texas, this couple decided to start their trip in Costa Rica with their honeymoon and then have the ceremony the day before they left. Every aspect of this wedding was super tranquilo, or as we say here in Costa Rica, Pura Vida.

Barbara and Tommy decided to do an “elopement”, leaving their grown children at home. Or in other words, their whole Costa Rica trip was all about what they wanted to do and experience…the way it should be! Given that Barbara and Tommy are extremely charismatic, they had several new friends attend the ceremony to stand in for their family.

From the moment I arrived to when I hugged them goodbye, Barbara and Tommy were a pleasure to shoot. Their joy and love for each other just radiated. Gracias amigos!

Wedding by Pura Vida Weddings. Flowers by Colette’s.

watercolor 2


Surf’s Up!

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“Who’s your daddy?!”

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